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We fulfill the unique translation needs required by the following industries:
IT & Software
Marketing & Advertising
Healthcare, Wellness & Beauty
Banking, Finance & Insurance
Recruitment & Human Resources
Retail & Traders
Media & Entertainment
Environment & Sustainability
Event Planning
Travel, Leisure & Hospitality


Most frequent questions and answers

Our translation process is simple and straightforward, from start to finish.

Do the following to place a translation order:

1- Prepare your original document: Send us the file(s) in any of the standard formats such as PDF, DOCX, JPG, etc. 

2- Obtain your word count: The total word count of your documents will determine the price for translation. Translation is charged on a per-page basis with a page being defined as 250 words or fewer.

3-Place your order:

Submit your order via email, WhatsApp, or TransSky Twitter account. After confirmation, our translation project manager will assign the file(s) to the translator he feels will be the best match for your files. This is when the estimated turnaround time begins. If however, there is an issue that needs to be addressed with before commencing the actual translation process, the order we will place your order on hold and email you immediately or message you on WhatsApp.

4-Order finalized and complete:

Once the translation is complete, we’ll deliver it to you.


Pages are calculated based on the total word count of the source (original) document. The number of physical pages in your source document is not what is being counted, but rather the total number of words contained in your source document. A page is defined as 250 words or less, including numbers. For example, a document with 1,000 words would be priced as four pages. We divide 1,000 words by 250 words to arrive at the four-page count. 

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